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Happy 2011!!!

Well, last year was a bit of an eventful one for me in a personal sense, but not so much in a crafty sense, but don't worry - I've kept myself ticking over, I'm still dyeing (there's yarn  hanging up to dry in the other room as I type) and hoping 2011 is going to be totally fabulous.

Big news for all yarny types in Manchester has been the opening of the amazing new yarn shop, Purl City Yarns. It's run by the wonderful Charlotte, with help from 3 of the loveliest knitters in the city. These 4 women have managed to create the most perfect atmosphere in which to relax and accidentally buy lots of yarn, right in the city centre. On a personal level, the shop is stocking my yarns, so it's a double-yay for me!

This year has mostly been one of designing for me. Some have gone well enough for me to write up the pattern properly, and my Through The Woods beret is being queued like nobody's business on Ravelry. 550 hearts, 17 projects and in 216 queues already! People have been very patient with my silly mistakes and the finished objects are looking just lovely. Once I've got a few properly successful patterns under my belt, I'm hoping to start talking to magazines. I have a lovely simple scarf underway at the minute, which I think may become a nice introduction to lace knitting, and the stitch pattern should transfer well to socks too, so those will be next. I did knit myself some lovely flip-top mittens but I'm not happy with the thumb - I might rework them and try again with those.

Oh, and I've started to crochet! I did a few simple scarves, cowls and hats for christmas presents and now I'm working on a star-shaped baby blanket for my cousin's baby, who is due next month. He's  made it clear that he wants a goth baby, so it's black and purple stripy!

Well, I think that's quite enough of me rambling on now. How about some pretty pictures of yarn? Oh, and remember to pop over to my shop for more.

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