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July news

Well, June and July have been both exciting and hectic here at Green Eyed Monsters! It feels like things are really starting to take off. UK Ravelry Day went really well, in spite of the rain, and I'd like to thank everyone who came for making it such a fantastic day. Kilos of yarn sold, gallons of tea drunk and most importantly lots of friends made!
Green Eyed Monsters yarn and fibre featured in the first ever round of FibreholicsUK sample boxes. If you want to get an idea of what you might expect in your box, take a look at our blog. There are still a few left, but snap them up quick! You can buy them from Ecoporducts4U, which is run by one of our members. Here's the link.
Manchester Yarn Collective
I'm also involved in a local joint venture called the Manchester Yarn Collective. We're a little group of fibre artists based in and around Manchester, which itself has a really rich history in textiles. We're very close to announcing the date of our first event, which will be a yarn fete in central Manchester, some time in October. Watch this space!
Sock Summit
If you're over the pond, you're likely to be feeling a little left out by now, with all this talk of exciting things happening in the UK - but you needn't be. Coming up this month is Sock Summit, and you'll be able to get your GEM fix at the Yarny Goodness stall. I've sent a nice little batch of yarns in this month's limited edition colourways - all inspired by Harry Potter's London. I'm entering the Dye For Glory competition, so if you're a Ravelry member, I'd very much appreciate your support when it all kicks off. Voting will begin on 23rd July and end on 1st August.
Theme for July - Harry Potter's London
If you can't wait til then (or you can't make it to SS) this month's colourways are all available from me directly on Etsy too. Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes sold out quickly, but I can dye more on request. However, remember that these are limited edition yarns, so you'll need to ask me before the end of the month! 
Hallows & Horcruxes
Finally - my first sock pattern will be available from 31st July. You can queue it now if you like the look of it.
(Yes, this was cut and pasted from my newsletter. I'm sorry. Proper blog post soon. Promise) 
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