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Hello, April. What are you doing in my house?

Well, that was a surprise. How in the withering hell is it April already? This means I have an exam in less than 3 weeks, that I should've sent out the wedding invites weeks ago, and that I'm going to have to find some form of summer wardrobe. Though Anna has pointed me in the direction of some very cute little heart-print dresses from Primarni, so that's one thing sorted at least.

Yesterday was a really good day. We went to see my cousin who we haven't seen in far too long, especially consdering she only lives about 40 minutes away. She has a very cute little baby boy, and yesterday was his first time out in shoes. We took him to the swings, and then to a pub for lunch, and we're 99% sure he said his first actual proper word. It was bee. Bless him.

Picked Anna up on the way home and came back to ours for some tasty tasty jamtime. I surprised myself by not completely freaking out and actually making it most of the way through a song. Go me. And I hadn't even had a drink.

Mum came up last weekend, and we had dinner out two nights running. Extravagance, I haz it. Sunday night we took her out to Petra - lots of yummy middle-eastern food, which she appreciated - and then on Monday night she took us out to the Fairfield Arms, which is pretty good-to-average pub food. Though they were really miffed that we turned up wanting food at 8 o'clock. Even though they're supposed to serve food til 10. Hmm. She helped me dye some fibre on Tuesday. Well, she chose the colours and name - it's BFL, bright pink and purple, and it's called Jeepster - the last of Marc Bolan March.

I'm waiting for some more sock yarn to arrive so that I can get going on April's dyeing. A give bag of British wool arrived on Friday, which will for the most part be going towards stock for my stall at UK Ravelry Day.
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