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Telegam Sam

Been at Dad's this week, so not much activity on the dyeing/spinning front. However, this does mean that I finished a pair of socks in record time. Even though I got my needles snipped at the airport. Woohoo! No FO pics just yet, but they will be here when they go up. The question now is whether I can pull the same trick and get some bed socks to Grandma in time for her birthday on 14th April. Hmm. We shall see.

This afternoon a couple of us are meeting up to discuss collective yarnie activities. It's very much 'watch this space' at the minute, but we're thinking things like clubing together for market stall and then...fingers crossed...building up to an actual proper LYS in Manchester city centre. Well, we can dream, right?!

OK, well, I'm off to wind a skein into two balls. And then maybe read up on toe-up socks. Because I'm productive like that.
Tags: fos, knitting

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