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Please dye slowly

Well, it's been a few days of epic dyeing fun here at Bork Towers.

Saturday was natural dyeing with Debbie - you can read her blog post here. There were just the three of us students, but we really managed to spread out! It was a lot of fun, but pretty tiring. I slept til 3pm on Sunday...whoops!

Here are some of the results...

Part of the day also involved dyeing up a huge range of samples. The great thing about natural dyes is that you can modify the colours by finishing the dyeing process off in different ways. Here's my favourite example of that.

Saturday was of course Valentine's Day. Charl maked me a present! The most amazing present ever...fake pretzel flipz. Nom nom nom.

In return, I have made her a little scarflette - and there's another project in the pipeline (more of that later). The pattern for this is from 01 designer 1-skein wonders. It's very neat and clever, and totally fun to knit. This is my own yarn (GEM squirrel: disagreen). This is the first full thing I've knit up using my own yarn, and I'm crazily proud of it. I seem to have actually found something I'm good at!

I've been hitting the dyepot pretty regularly...and amassing a huge pile of wool. You can see just at the back of this pile some orange and black - one of those is GEM sock, headed for Etsy at some point soon. The other is Wollmeise 80/20 which I bought undyed and I've now dyed up ready  for Charl's next knitted gift - tigger socks! Any suggestions for simple but not dull socks wouold be very much appreciated. Ovbiously don't want to drown out the stripes, and also Charl's not much of a one for lacy socks.

Today I had a short jaunt out to the wonderful Gorton for some fresh air. We hit te charity shop, and found these - 50p each, 5 for £2. Awesomeness. This is going to be the fuel for the rest of my undyed cone of yarn methinks.

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