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Been doing some more dyeing - I managed to get hold of a reallly nice DK base yarn. I'm really pleased that so far I've managed to get almost exactly the colour I've been going for each time - so I'm ready to dye up the Wollmeise natural to make Charl some tigger socks.


I'm going to be attending the UK Ravelry Day/British Wool and Crafts Day, so I'm on the lookout for lots of really exciting 100% British yarns. I've found a lovely 100% wool 4-ply and there's a possible aran 100% wool. There's also a DK wool/silk blend, but obviously the silk isn't British. Of course, there'll be handspun too, and that will be much easier to find a 100% British source for.

I've done a little update/re-vamp of the website, so if anyone wants to check it for mistakes for me, that would be nice.

In FO news, Kate's baby blanket is finally finished! It needs a wash and block (if you can block acrylic?) but I'm really proud of it.

Oh and also, some entirely non-yarny news.

Charl and I have set a date to get wed! I'm pretty much stupidly excited about it. We're planning a really nice low-key day. I don't buy into the whole "my day to be a princess" bollocks. It's our day to spend with each other, in the company of people we love. So no posh sit-down dinner or releasing doves/baloons/fireworks! It seems really selfish to me to spend thousands of pounds on things which will only last for a day. And we're both insufferable Commies, so the evening do will be in a community hall and we'll be asking for contributions to the buffet/bar or favours like helping to decorate the hall or taking some nice pictures for us instead of expensive presents.
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