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So, yesterday was wheel day. I was sad that Katie couldn't come, but Charl came instead, so I was't on my own.

We left home at just after 9 and started driving down. After we got off the M1 at Northampton we had a not-entirely-intentional tour of some lovely villages and small towns. We particularly enjoyed Newport Pagnell. P&M was in the middle of nowhere, but very cool. All the wheels and fibre and books and tools are in the back room.

These were my thoughts at about 1am...

I tried out a few wheels. There was a Lendrum which was nice, but the ratios didn’t go up far enough and the bobbins were smaller. The Suzie pro was lovely, and felt very much like the Rose, but it wasn’t much cheaper, didn’t have the second whorl, didn’t have the lazy kate and though it’s pretty, I’m a bit of a failure and couldn’t cope with not being able to tell which way the wheel was turing. I tried the little Ashford Joy (double treddle) which was quite nice, but far too small for me.

The Rose is just…perfect. Seriously. Everything I could ever ask for.

So tonight I’ve been spinning a lovely merio/silk blend I picked up whe I was there. I’ve made use of the 3-bobbin lazy kate and lovely fast whorl and knocked up some nice skinny 3-ply. 20g. 46yds. Like…what?! That’s just nutty, right? That means I’ll get 460yds OF 3-PLY out of the 200g of fibre I’ve bought. And I could easily go skinnier. And it only took about 2 hours. And it’s perfectly balanced. I cannot explain how in love I am with this wheel.

Thank you thank you THANK YOU to everyone who talked me into it.

Tomorrow I’m going to dye some BFL first thing in the morning, and hopefully it’ll be dry enough by the end of the day for me to have a go at putting the large whorl on and doing something chunky and squidgy.

And i am of much the same mind. Squeeeeeeeeeeee!

Right, so...after P&M, we went over to Silsoe to see my mum. She wsa setting up for her cousin Andy's girlfiriend Jenny's 30th birthday party. And concentrate now. Jenny is also my mum's husband Gary's neice. They met at mum and Gary's wedding. It's very confusing.

Anyway, so we saw Mum and Gary and Andy and also my auntie Carol and uncle John (Andy's mum and dad). Mum was doing crazy buffet stuff. Like...chequerboard sandwiches. Don't ask. Anyway, it absolutely proved to me that she is having nothing to do with the food when me and Charl get married. She's on cups and ice.

Well then...after Silsoe it was back up in a northerly direction to Charl's mum's house and BABY! Though I'm not sure he can be called a baby any more. He's now just about a year old (birthday!core) but he is pretty much a toddler. He's huge and he's walking and saying little words and he totally understands what you're saying to him. Like...Gill said 'row the boat' and there he was doing the little actions! He's so cool. As a bonus we got to see Charl's mum and her husband, Charl's sister and her boyfriend, and Charl's aunt and uncle. SuperBonus FamilyDay for both of us, then.

Baby was far too distractiing, so we didn't leave til really late, and didn't get home til gone 9...though I reckon we managed to fit plenty in to 12 hours.

This morning the lovely CheekyImp of Ravelry Fame came to collect Wheel#3 (the Kromski) and Katie is having Wheel#3 (the big solid one). Wheel#1 is poorly. One of the maidens is broken and No More Nails hasn't fixed it. I'm a bit stuck for what to do next. I think I'm going to have to send it off somewhere to be fixed or replicated. I'd prefer fixing if possible, because it's such a lovely old wheel. So I'm down to just the Rose. What a terrible shame. It looks like I'll have to just play with this one for now. Bwahahahahaaaaaaaa.

I've been having lots of dyeing fun - the angora lace has actually come out quite nicely. It all needs re-skeining though, which is a pain. I've also done some of the lambswool in lots of shades of blue and green and it looks lovely - it's kept its sheen really nicely, too. I've just done some BFL I picked up at P&M yesterday in a colourway I usually wouldn't go for at all, but I'm pretty pleased with it - it looks like like Tequila Sunrise! I'm still mostly using koolaid and food colouring, and a little bit of natural dyes, but I'm beginning to think I should invest in some proper dyes, since I'm doing so much of it.

A picture post next, I promise. But for now, it's time to go play.

*This entry has been brought to you today without the letter N in some places, because it's playing up and needs to be hit really hard. And sometimes i forget.

ETA: Just heard the news. Am sad. The angora blend laceweight in shades of red will now be known as Morph.
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