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Right...more yarn news.

I'm really getting into playing with dye, so I've splashed out on a few really nice base yarns to play about with. 

So far, I am in receipt of 2 lots of rather amazing laceweight. The first is a 1-ply (yes, you heard me right) lambswool/angora blend with a teeny bit of nylon for strength. It feels like running your hands through clouds. The other is also lace - 2-ply this time, and superfine merino. I can't stop drooling over it.  I've also got some superwash wool/nylon on the way in sockweight. With the lace, I'm aiming for semisolid and I have plans to make huge skeins with the sock to make some lovely stripey with long repeats. And some semisolid too for good measure.

The first lot of the single ply is in the oven right now. It's much brighter than I was aiming for, but hopefully it'll be nice.

And hopefully I'll be good enough with the yarn-dyeing by the time my  Wollmeise undyed stuff gets here to let myself loose on it. Nom nom nom.

I've got a big bag of fibre on the way from Winghams, including some of their merino/silk blend, which I am very much looking forward to working with again. And I will be working with it on a new wheel with any luck.

Oooooooh, yeah. I'm getting moneys to to get a wheel. A really nice wheel. I could actually afford a Majacraft Rose. I'm letting wheels 1 and 2 go to loving homes, but I can't let wheel 1 go. It's like it's part of me. Anyway,  I'm off down to P&M on Saturday to try a few out. I may go for a different wheel, depending on how they feel, but I have the Rose in my heart already. Though a little Suzie pro might work too.

Oh, [info]soupytwist - if you're free on Saturday, do you fancy keeping me company on the journey down to Spinning Heaven?

Today was knitting at 8th day, and we had a really nice destash/swap thing - we brought in nice yarn, fondled other peoples nice yarn, swapped  for exciting new was great. And free! I love free shopping.

Lots of people also brought in spare oddments for UK DIY at the Turnpike Gallery. If anyone else in Manchester has some yarn you're wanting to destash, you can drop it in with me at my office on Piccadilly gardens tomorrow or Friday. Just comment here and we'll sort something out.

Could I fit any more yarn into this post? Of course I could!



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